I’m flashing you.

It’s true, I’m interrupting my normal broadcasting to flash you some of my flash fiction at The Pygmy Giant. It’s called Swinging On.
  I’m so glad that they liked it and published it on their website and it is very short. I love flash fiction and it’s a great website with some wonderful writing on it. I’m sorry if the piece is a little sad, but please do go check it out and let me know what you think of it.


7 thoughts on “I’m flashing you.

  1. I thought it was bitter sweet what you wrote. I am actually dying to know the whole story now. Flash fiction always makes me want more:)Freya, that is awesome that you got some pub credit! Congrats:)

  2. @Deana: Me too!Freya, Yes, it was nice. Great mood. I'm always intrigued by the use of 2nd person. It's interesting to try to decide why an author chooses that perspective and how that mechanic deepens a story and universalizes it simultaneously. Happy pub credits!Hugs, Lora

  3. Thanks Lora! Second person seemed to fit because it was about watching but not understanding. Seeing somebody suffer and then not knowing what to do about it but at the same time being absolutely baffled at them. If that made any sense at all….

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