Top Ten Villains (or things to give you the Heebie jeebies) in Children’s fiction.

So what makes a super villain – super? Is it; evilness, desire to take over the world, eat/kill children, violence, weirdness, wearing black..?? Or is it just those characters that give you the heebie jeebies?

OK so here is my top 10 fear-inducing villains…

10. The Spiders of Mirkwood in The Hobbit.  

Ewwww – giant spiders! Hundreds of them coming to spin you into their web. Was so glad Bilbo escaped because it seemed hopeless at the time.

9. The Witch in Sleeping Beauty. 

Just mean, creepy, wears black and has a crow. She’ll stop at nothing and ticks all the boxes.  Plus, doesn’t she turn into a dragon or something at the end?

8. Everything in Pinocchio 

Just scared me half to death – even to this day I have never seen the whole film. 

7. The Grand High Witch –
    The Witches by Roald Dahl.

I only saw this recently and I am in no doubt… this is terrifying. Look at that face.

6. Captain Hook

He was scarriest to me in the film ‘Hook’ when he put someone into a box with scorpions. Yikes! I had to look away on that bit too. 

5. The Spirit from Care Bears 

Again, it was just creepy. I can’t put my finger on what it was. The voice? The suspended face? No hair?

4. Dementors – Harry Potter. 

Not too dissimilar from the Ringwraiths but way more scary than Voldemort. Sucking all happiness from you? Talk about hell on earth.

3. Ringwraiths in The Lord of the Rings 

Just look at them – need I say more?

2. Queen Mombi 
    (the one with all the different heads)
    The Return to Oz. 

Just crrrreeeeeepppppy and terrifying. My husband agrees. 

1. Maurgrim (the wolf minion)
    BBC: The The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.  

I used to run out of the room when he first appeared and still have to close my eyes and clutch a cushion.  Even this picture is scaring me right now… *grabs cushion* 

OK – I know this isn’t most people’s top villain but he is definately mine. I think its the human-wolf hybrid face that does it.

One thing I’ve noticed is that not many of these frightening characters are from books. Why is that I wonder?Perhaps I just have a poor memory…

So what’s the most frightening villian for you? Anyone vital I’ve missed?

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Villains (or things to give you the Heebie jeebies) in Children’s fiction.

  1. Good remembering…I only watched bits of Dark Crystal but I think this was because it did creep me out too much. Just googled it…I think anything that is animatronics (not CGI) is way more scary – just feels a more real.

  2. Haha – yeh luckily I was spared of the Child Catcher and wait for it….I have NEVER seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Terrible I know as it is a British institution.Tracey Beaker? : ) The book versions?

  3. Oh my goodness… Maurgrim! He is my absolute scariest villain ever too! Just thinking about him now is giving me the creeps. He was rubbish in the more modern films but in the BBC drama of our childhood… I need to stop thinking about him now because I'm getting scared.Ringwraiths very scary, but I found the Uruk-hai worse.I think the most frightening thing in a villain is just not caring what happens. Being completely amoral. The only film I've nearly walked out of was The Dark Knight because cruel violence nearly makes me sick. I had nightmares. but somehow it is the villains of childhood that stick with you.(PS: I not only have the same scariest villain as you but I also have never seen chitty chitty bang bang!)

  4. Never seen C.C.B.B? Guys, the Child Catcher is a particularly nasty piece of work; the personification of a child's fear of being taken from a loving, caring environment.And maybe it's just the TV version of Tracy Beaker – the character just seems to sum up all that's bad about 'me me me' kids and she gets praised for it. BAD ROLE MODEL.

  5. I heard a lovely interview once with the brother (or close friend perhaps) of the guy who played the part of the childcatcher in the films – Robert Helpmann. He took his kids to see it and they were absolutely terrified so to calm them down he decided to take his kids round to see good old Uncle Robert just to show them that it was all made up. But when they got there, Robert decided to answer the door to them in character so the kids were then not only terrified at the thought of the childcatcher but thought that the childcatcher was someone who knew them which made it a lot worse! Brilliant.

  6. Nicole – ain't they just!Chloe – more than freaky. all of what you've said. Perhaps I should put you as my number one person who scares the jeebies out of me – just by being too much like me! I agree about the dark knight – he was a scary villian. Andy – I know what you mean about the "ME me me" kids. Too many parents just say yes all the time. PS: I look forward to the day when I have kids so I can scare the crap of them. : )

  7. OOOH – the grand high witch is the creepiest! *shiver* I think she would give me nightmares! Love your blog! Thanks for coming to visit mine. I am a new follower!

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