The face of God

Ever wondered what God would be like?

Bristol is having its first festival of literature called Unputadownable. The festival is publishing stories on their website.

A more humerous flash fiction piece from me. Please check it out and leave a comment on the website if possible. Always looks good if comments spread far and wide, eh? : )

The story is called: Roundabout

I hadn’t realised that this post had gone up – so sorry for the late posting of it. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “The face of God

  1. "…I don’t live in a gingerbread house you know.”“True, but there’s a roast over there.”“Huh?”LOL! I wish I could get a roast that way! Honestly, I've never imagined that God would look like an old homeless guy, so it's certainly a twist. Great story.I'm doing the WW Blog Hop hosted on 'The World of My Imagination.' See you around the Hop!Lacey

  2. Really great story, Freya 🙂 really enjoyed it. It's so down-to-earth and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling. (those are in high demand with the weather at the moment…)Nari X

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