Flashback Friday – STAR WARS!

The feel good Flashback Friday has returned and this one is epic. I’m not even going to lead in with a question, just this….

I love the fact that the momentum on Star Wars still lives on. Xbox games are still being released, cinemas are showing them again, kids are running around with light sabers… it’s fantastic. With a light saber tucked under my bed, I wonder whether it will ever die away as people are determined to pass the fantasy onto their children…

So what made it such a success?

(I like to add that I refuse to acknowledge those other three prequel films) The epic story between good and evil does it for me. The characters are so well formed too and I think this had a major part to play: Leia the strong woman, the heroic men discovering themselves, the enemy with a father’s conscience, and even the robots have outrageous personalities. Not to mention, the film has epic twists and turns, battles, and “saving the universe” motivation.

Why do you think it was such a massive success?

While you think about that, check out this cute boy’s reaction when he watches that fateful moment.


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – STAR WARS!

  1. I think the original trilogy works SO well because George Lucas did his homework. Apparently he looked at mythology and especially the Hero's Journey (see Joseph Campbell!), so you could argue he was writing archetypal material that speaks to the core of us. Plus there were spaceships too!

  2. Yep that homework definitely did help matters. He followed a typical epic story line too.Plus, don't forget the lightsabers Derek! But what about the characters? Do they follow typical stereotypes?

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