Do you believe? Catch you in a flash!

Today, 1000wordshave published my Flash Fiction piece “In my pocket” inspired by one of their Pinterest images. High five!
1000words is a National Flash-Fiction day project managed by the wonderful writer Natalie Bowers (we like her). Everyday a story of 1000 words and under is posted onto the site, which have been inspired by a plethora of Pinterest images.
These stories have been sunshine on my phone in the damp mornings on the bus with my knees leaning on the chair in front and my butt having gone numb. I have read some truly AMAZING pieces here, which, without a shadow of doubt, have inspired me tenfold.
My story “In my pocket” was inspired by a photo of a little girl looking into a corner by Heather Samuel. But this isn’t any old corner. As some of you already know, I can’t help but write about possibilities and a little magic… and as I’m a children’s fantasy writer at heart, I thought I’d write a little magic for all ages into a piece of flash.
I’ve met more than one Lucy in the past few years – so I’m dedicating it to them, if they ever come across this post. Whether they believe or not… anything is possible.

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