Flash back Friday is back!

Well, I got a little distracted recently with that thing I do a lot of – writing. But without further ado, here is another flash back Friday! Do you remember…. nanananananananananan Batman!?

Watch this bomb scene too, it’s hilarious:

Now,what makes this 1960’s Batman so enjoyable?

I can’t really comment because I have no idea what else was around at the time. All I can say, is even now, I catch myself watching it when it’s on the TV.

Was it the tights? The KAPOW! ‘s or was it just honest, good fun?


10 thoughts on “Flash back Friday is back!

  1. The bomb clip is hilarious and would still work as a comedy sketch. I think what worked with the series was that they knew their brand and played it straight, so that the audience had the most fun out of it.

  2. Emily: I miss the eye rolling too and the arm folding! But they new ones are a different kind of awesome.Derek: I know, it's mostly slapstick. Everyone loves a bit of slapstick.

  3. I nearly forgot – this is pretty geeky – that I once saw Adam West (Batman) speaking at a NY sci-fi convention. At the time the Batman films were just being talked about and he told the audience that he really wanted to see a film showing Batman coming out of retirement, like Rocky, and picking up the gauntlet. Their loss is Family Guy's gain I suppose.

  4. Derek – That's awesome. (you're in good company) I've always wanted to go to a Sci fi convention, but never find the time nor money. That would be a good film to watch – seeing a flabby batman getting back into his tights!Deana – the tights are definitely important 😉

  5. Re: the sci-fi convention. I mainly went because Paul Darrow – the actor who played Avon in Blake's Seven – was making an appearance. There are some seriously strange sci-fi fans at those conventions…

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