To be a proper hobbit…

Last week was filled with celebratory fun. Not only did my husband and I decide to buy a 110 year old, Victorian house with wonky floors (Yippee!), but it was Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. Happy Hobbit day!

I giggle with glee at the mere mention of the up and coming films, so this was a great excuse to indulge in the things I like best. But my husband was the only one who got up early enough on Saturday to have a second breakfast (pancakes and compote made by yours truly). But I soon made up for it at the Tobacco Factory theatre with a pie, a pint, and a play, followed by cake and tea at a fellow hobbit abode. Bliss.

On the Sunday, I zoomed up to my parents to tackle an old, antique table I’d picked up from Wales the week before. This table will be my kitchen table, and will no doubt see me bent double over it, scribbling away on it for years to come, ruining the beautiful sanding work. It was soooo dark it looked more like a shadow of a table than an actual table. If a bit of sunlight were to shine on it, I fear it would have disappeared entirely.

So, in true Hobbit style, I ate first. Scrambled eggs to be exact – the first eggs I’ve ever had from my parent’s chickens: Brenda, Beaut and Molly. Thank you ladies. They were beautiful. Then… I sat in front of the log fire. (Yes, I can almost hear the hair on my feet spouting into a hobbit-style-bush at this point). But, eventually, I did pull myself away and hoist up my sleeves to sand the table of shadow!

I still need to apply many more hours of elbow grease… especially on those table legs (ugh!). If only I had Gandalf’s staff to magic the rest away. Luckily, I have the sanding wisdom of my dad to guide me, which is just as good, although he fails on the beard front. Soon, the extendable table of shadow shall be brought to into the light to support me in many epic meals and writing journeys. There is still hope.

Are you looking forward to the Hobbit? How important is your table to you?


8 thoughts on “To be a proper hobbit…

  1. Yay! So many people I know are buying houses. Whereabouts in Bristol is it? Love the table. I write on a cheap Ikea desk but every time we visit a stately home I try to bully Paul into buying me a 17th-century bureau!

  2. Arh I would LOVE a bureau. We had one in our old flat, but it was the landlady's. I'm hoping to get one eventually. The house is at the highest point in Bristol, in Kingswood, where the King once resided in his castle. The views are amazing.

  3. Jamie – Yay! I just downloaded a background for my computer. : DPatsy – Thanks! Even darker?? I can't believe it's possible. I'm hoping to invest in a proper desk soon (to replace my ikea one), but I also find I resist using a desk for some reason.

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