Popshot: The game of life

If you’re into flash fiction, poetry, short stories and beautiful art, then you’d loooove Popshot magazine. I’ve been stalking them for the best part of a year or more, and tried a few times submitting poetry, to no avail. It wasn’t until they announced that they were to become a literary magazine (including fiction) that I found my name etched upon their pages.
*does a little dance*

Their first issue as an illustrated literary magazine of new writing, is on the apt theme of birth, and my story is called The Game of Life. A beautifully, neat package arrived this week, and when I ripped open the envelope I couldn’t help but stroke it. I devoured the whole thing like a possessed woman, and it’s by far the most beautiful literary magazine I’ve ever come across. The stories and poems are outstanding and Popshot have outdone themselves again.

Getting published among other pieces that I admire, makes it even more of a joy. Even if I wasn’t in it, I would want you to get this magazine. Every time I get an issue through the post, it’s like pass the parcel, but in this game, everybody’s a winner!

The independent branded Popshot as a “fresh breed of literary magazines”, and the Prospect named it the “new face of British poetry”. It’s sold all over the world, and you can even get it in store (even near me at the Arnolfini in Bristol) as well as by subscription.

Check out some sample pages of the issue here. 

What do you all think of the artwork? Gorgeous, no?


5 thoughts on “Popshot: The game of life

  1. Boo! We can't read your piece in the pdf sample. :o(You're right, though – the artwork and design are captivating. Well done on placing your work in a magazine you're already enamoured with. Double the pleasure!

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