Bookshops doing it for themselves

A few weeks ago, I ventured to London to wander about the British Library and made a targeted stop at Daunt Books.

I’d first heard of Daunt Books on somebody’s blog, who’d gone there for a book launch and I was blown away. It’s one of the best independent bookshops I’ve been to and it’s stunning too.

It has so much soul and character, that you could just eat it all up. I loved being able to rummage through some gorgeous hardbacks, and look through their leaflet guides (‘If you like this book, then you’ll love these…’). Their kids section was perfect.

Take a virtual tour of it here if you can’t make the trip.

The shop was filled to the brim with people, hungry-for-books-people. They all seemed to be humming and buzzing with an excitement I’ve not seen in a bookshop before. To me, bookshops have always been a bit hush hush, like a library. But not this place. It was thrilling and I spent about three hours in there trying to decide what book(s) to buy.

On a tight budget, I splashed out anyway, and bought a very beautiful hard back collection of Roald Dahl’s Short Stories.

So, what’s your favourite independent bookshop and why?

For those into NaNoWriMo updates

I’m basically on track! Although there is a slight drawback in that I don’t want this book to be 50,000 words. So, I’ve no doubt that the graph I’m looking at will soon look a bit lame. I’m back to work this week, so wish me luck in keeping up along with all the other stuff I’ve got to get going. Yikes!


15 thoughts on “Bookshops doing it for themselves

  1. What a lovely bookstore, and I love that it's called "Daunt". My favorite bookstore is Village Books, here in Bellingham, WA because it is all-around awesome. They are great supporters of local writers, the community in general, and it's a nice store with two cafes and lots of little nooks for reading. It's not as pretty as Daunt, but it's pretty nice.

  2. Hi Shell – Love the name and the fact that it has TWO cafes. Bookshops here miss that trick alot. Plus I would love a bookshop that encourages people to hang out in. Somewhere you could write too would be awesome.

  3. Jamie – I know. I wish it was closer. OOooo when I have a new house (with Spare 'Oom) you can sooo come to visit! : ) We'll have a log fire too. Martin – me too!Oz – nice to meet you.

  4. I feel a little cheated now I know it's called Daunt after the owner James Daunt – the same man who now runs the biggest chain of bookshops, Waterstones. However, is this going to stop me drooling over your photos or planning a trip there next time I'm anywhere near London? No siree!

  5. Greetings, earthling!! Shouldn’t be long, gotta run back to Heaven; however, in the meantime, take anything and everything you wanna from our wonderfull, plethora of thot to write the next great masterpiece -if- I can but kiss your gorgeous, adorable feets and cuddle withe greatest, ex-mortal ever to arrive in Seventh Heaven. Think about it. Get back to me Upstairs …

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