How to be more determined – just do it!

I was determined to be a super-person last month, but I wasn’t entirely surprised when my house “moving” took over my life and NaNoWriMo. It didn’t bother me too much. I had suspected it might happen and any writing that I achieved on this new novel was going to be a bonus and I loved writing it.

I’ll be picking it up again once I’m settled in this weekend. I might even do my own NaNoWriMo as I love the late night hard slog – there’s definitely something magical about it. For the past two weeks, I’ve been on ‘holiday’, which was spent cutting skirting boards, buying carpet, ripping out the kitchen and painting. We’re almost finished with our Victorian house.

I’ve always been a determined kinda lady. Nobody writes a book and spends two years polishing it without having a whole heap of determination and motivation. Where does it come from? I take a lot of pride and self worth from the end result – and man, did I just apply that to my house these past few weeks! Look at those skirting boards below- oh yeah! Builders laughed at our attempts to be done before Christmas (we didn’t tell them our aim was sooner). For some reason we just threw everything we had at it and all at once! Money, time, family, tears, energy, sanity, sweat and my Dad’s finger (eww it was so gross when it got squished – finger guts!). But it will be worth it. Well… maybe not my dad’s finger.

But my determination comes from the desire to get the best end result. Nothing is better than standing back at the finish product and thinking, “I did it. Even when people told me I wouldn’t. And it’s fantastic.” You can do it too! Get inspired, get it done!

Here are some pics of our work (ooo and ahhhs please 😉 especially at my skirts) – although I didn’t seem to take any images of upstairs, which is all repainted and re-carpeted and I can’t get all photos to download from my phone. Yesh! Technology.   

Kitchen before – chucked the carpet and skirts
Other side of kitchen – the builders damp proofing
Front room building work
Previous owners painted around furniture. Carpet and skirts gone.

Sanding fireplace – below
James’ beautiful laminate flooring and my skirts down!


James hard at work laying kitchen floor – kitchen moved about.

5 thoughts on “How to be more determined – just do it!

  1. Oooooh, pretty flooring. Aaaah, nice fireplace.I think you're brave to even think about NaNo when you've just bought a house! Love the picture of you with the giant axe as well – a good analogy for what you've been trying to do! Good luck with the new novel.

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