Find your pefect story in the Ether

I’m often stuck on a bus, in a queue, or have discovered a few minutes of uninterrupted bliss hovering in the palm of my hand, and it’s the perfect time to read a short story. But then, as I usually run to the bus stop, I forget to bring a book with me. But one day, I was saved by EtherBooks: the superhero to my boredom. It’s an app with all the flash fiction, short stories and articles I could find from my favourite authors in my nifty, little phone (which I NEVER forget).

There’s a range of stories from 300 words to 2000, which you can get for free or for a tiny fee from authors like Hilary Mantel. The old saying is true: to be a better writer we need to read, read, read. EtherBooks has picked me up and flown me to new heights. The stories I’ve read have opened my mind to what can be done in very few words. They’ve inspired me to experiment with my own writing.

So I got in on the action, and published a few stories on Etherbooks! I’ve had stories published online and in print before, and people have found my blog and contacted me to say they’ve enjoyed them, but those people really had to go out of their way to do that. There wasn’t an easy way to find out what people thought (except on twitter) or even to leave feedback about other stories yourself. Etherbooks has provided an app where it’s really easy to leave feedback on a story.

And it’s been great. It’s been exciting to have emails ping into my inbox, notifying me of someone’s review. So, you really should download the Etherbooks app. It’s the future! Your stories will reach a bigger audience in an easy, accessible way, AND you’ll get to read so many brilliant authors, which left me laughing and crying in under 500 words (most of the time). WOW. They’re worth reading to find out how they do it.

Read me on EtherBooks here
Download EtherBooks on your android here.
Download EtherBooks on your iphone here.


5 thoughts on “Find your pefect story in the Ether

  1. I don't have a smartphone. Sigh. One day I will make it into the 21st century. Maybe I'll make Husband download it on to his phone instead!

  2. Very cool! I need to check this out. I read on my phone with my Kindle app. I also have Overdrive, so I can download Epub books from the library.Thanks for the info!

  3. Chloe – You should upgrade your phone even if only for the app. 😉 Emily – I've got a lot of other apps on my phone too but mainly for bigger word counts. It's good for short, perfectly formed fiction!

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