Iron Man III: learn storytelling from the best

First of all… Iron Man III is awesome, go and watch it. Good. Right, now that’s out the way, let me tell you about one of the things that struck me the most: the story telling in the fight scenes.

With most stories, we learn to give our main characters a flaw; something that will make our stories real, human, and personal (not generic). Tony Stark is an intelligent and brilliant engineer. After The Avengers film, Tony suffers from the trauma he went through, but this isn’t his flaw, it’s actually his saving grace because it stops him from going too far and saves Pepper in this film.

No, the flaw that makes him human is ‘time’, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it used so well in a story before. He didn’t have enough time to finish his new suit. The new suit has new features, which means his suit comes to find him, but it comes in pieces, and it doesn’t always arrive in time or right.

This made the fight scenes unique, individual, and dynamic. Fight scenes are one of the most difficult things to write about, especially in a way that isn’t stale, boring or obvious. So when writing a fight scene, stop and think, find an obstacle, stick it right in the middle and then work around it. Your scenes will come to life. Also, look at how the obstacle of not-enough-time could influence it: not enough time to heal, get ready, train or prevent, fix a situation, or say something vital?

No doubt you’ll be seeing some not-enough-time stories from me soon! 🙂 Have you seen Iron Man III? What did you think about the fight scenes?


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