You gotta live a little

The past few months have been tricksy. Ideas have been coming and going through my cerebral cortex, but nothing has defibrillated my heart. I feel like I’ve been flat lining. There are still stories, short and sweet, but nothing has filled me with excitement, especially when thinking of a bigger project. And to be quite frank, it’s made me nervous.

So I went out this summer and decided to live a little. In the middle of the night, I went out into a field, hot chocolate in hand, and watched the most fantastic shooting star display I have ever seen. I saw Iron Maiden, drove to France, ate mussels, hugged wind turbines and ate myself silly. I also went wild camping on Dartmoor, solo! It. Was. Awesome.

It’s been a great summer and good for my soul to get out and live a little. No doubt these experiences will inform my writing at some point in my life. I think the next couple of months will be easier with writing, and something will latch on. I feel like I’m coming towards something, although slowly. But I’m still waiting for that feeling: ‘I HAVE to write this book.’

In the meantime, I’ll keep on tapping away. There’s some exciting stuff coming up and I’m already looking forward to Autumn and Christmas (The Hobbit Part 2 looms ever nearer). Be sure to check out the flash fiction inspired by the Zodiac over at Chloe’s Made by the Potter blog next week, and throughout the whole month. I think they’ll be some gems in there.

If something grabs me before November, I’ll probably do Nanowrimo too.

How’s your summer been? Has inspiration been your friend?


6 thoughts on “You gotta live a little

  1. Thanks for the plug!Your summer sounds awesome. Writing a whole book is a bit like marriage I reckon – sometimes you've got to sit down and just make it work even when you don't feel like making the effort, but you've got to take time to make sure it/he is the one you are passionate about before you start! Keep simmering!

  2. Freya, even though you're not writing the 'big book' you're doing exactly the right thing and engaging with life, firing up synapses and nurturing your senses. That's how memories and awesome impressions are made, and therein lie the seeds of future writing. I agree with Chloe about the notion of writing when it isn't always love and rockets, and I'd take it a step further and say just play with the idea of a book. It's a game: if you were to start a book, right now, the opening would be…and the theme would be… And if you're really stuck, how about: a woman goes camping, solo, on the moors.

  3. You know how to enjoy life!!! My summer wasn't anything to write home about (or blog about, lol), but I did finish writing my sequel. Now it's best to hide away all shiny objects until I finish editing!

  4. That's exactly it! I'm not sure yet if this is the one I feel passionately about. It will take some time thinking it through in my head before I feel "this is it" I think. Let keep hoping.

  5. Hi Derek, thanks! A solo camp could make for an interesting story!It's not so much the ideas. There's tonnes of them. It's the passion. I've got loads of things coming from my head, but nothing is coming from my heart that really fleshes this stuff out and brings it life. I feel things turning though. I beginning to wonder if the seasons have something to do with it. 🙂

  6. Oooh congrats on finishing the sequel! What a feat. That's definitely something to write home about. You've been much more productive than I have. Sounds like you've been bubbling over with inspiration. Good luck with the edits!

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