Shakespeare: the birth of a cliche

I still don’t get Tumblr, but this girl’s post of her notebook went viral pretty quick, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s an inspiration to think that so many of these quotes were once created by a single mind. That these concepts were once new, fresh, and unheard of.

It brings me sunshine to think that there are so many possibilities with words, so many more concepts, comparisons we can draw on that only need to be unearthed, and given life.

Right, it’s time to get thinking like Shakespeare. Time to stop reading, and start writing.


5 thoughts on “Shakespeare: the birth of a cliche

  1. Yeah, but he lived so long ago . . . can a single mind still create so many memorable quotes? I hope so, but it feels like all the good stuff has been taken, lol. Just the other day, I heard a quote from my book used on Ally McBeal and I was like, "Hey, they stole my line" and then hubs reminded me the show was out like 25 yrs before my book . . . so now I'm worried someone will sue me *runs and hides*

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