Writing about hope in the face of death

My family have survived a LOAD of cancers so far: skin cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer and many more ailments alongside. We were lucky (although it doesn’t bode well for me in the future). But throughout each and every painful diagnosis, there lingered this complex relationship with hope.

I was reminded of this complex relationship after seeing a video of a man trying to run on water…

The video is widely reported to be a fake, but it puts up a mirror to those watching it. What does it say about us if we believed it or were instantly cynical? I wanted to believe it because of how it made me feel. It captured courage, bravery and hope. But it also framed the inevitable crushing feeling I felt when the hope was false.

So I was inspired to capture the reality of hope when you’re faced with death. That when there might be hope, we don’t embrace it, we actually fear it. We feel the need to prepare for the worse, just in case it’s false hope.

My story ‘Feed a fever’ was published in the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology, ‘Scraps’. It’s now available to download on your Kindle (or your phone), or you can order a print copy. Like Aladdin’s cave, this anthology is overflowing with gems and I am reallllly jealous of a lot of them, like, DAMN I wish I had written that!

I’m thrilled to have a piece so close to my heart alongside all of these fantastic writers. So for all of you out there who’ve been broken by cancer, this is your story. I don’t have the answer on how to deal with hope. I’ve embraced it and shunned it, and at both times I’ve been confused or devastated.

So tell me, do you dare to hope?


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