Get set, NaNoWriMooooo


A novel has been brewing in the sloshing-mess that is my brain for the past few weeks and I reckon it’s to blame for my bad run of luck: losing family car keys (the only set), getting car clamped, errors at work, frantic last minute panics over volunteer numbers at community cafe, and just general panics overall.

I’ve been spending far too much time staring into the distance and working out plots and character motivations ready for the beginning of NaNoWriMo: 50,000 words in 30 days! This week I’ve been neuron-deep in world-building and inventing superstitions. But it’s not all been novel prep. I’ve been preparing other stuff too, and flexing some routine muscles while I’m at it. It’s what I’m calling “the warm up”. You don’t begin a marathon without a little training.

  • I’ve put a door on the office. Oh yes, it’s been a year without a door and I need a physical barrier to remind people (ehem, James) that I’m to be left alone even if the keyboard isn’t directly glued to my fingers.
  • I like to cross my legs on the office chair and scooch under the desk. But there’s a pull out shelf with keyboard on it that gets in the way. I have to lower my chair to fit in, but them I’m too low to reach my laptop easily. So that baby has GONE! Goodbye stupid shelf. I hope James will forget you ever existed.
  • Have done some advance cooking. Not enough, but some.
  • For a week or two, I got up at crazy-o’clock and was in work for 7.30am so I could write/prep beforehand. This is where I CHEATED and started chapter one early. What I realised was that I need to split my word count to make it manageable: 500 words before 9am, 500 at lunch, 600 in the evening. And that I must find somewhere else at work because people FIND me and chat to me (as lovely as it is, it doesn’t get the novel done).
  • Changed my background image to a picture of where my novel is set. Oh yeah. Inspire me megapixels. Do your best!
  • Canceled most events for November and passed on volunteer admin duties for a while.
  • Set up an out-of-office for email accounts saying there may be a delay in replies due to intermittent access to emails. I will soon be disconnecting them from my phone.
  • Disconnecting twitter on my phone.
  • Disconnecting anything else distracting on my phone.
  • Downloaded a typewriter app. Man, it’s so much fun (and easier) to write with it. I can’t explain it, but I recommend trying it.
  • Connected my google drive to EVERYTHING I HAVE.

I’ve still got a few more things to think about – mainly rewards and setting myself milestones. But otherwise…


Any tips? Anything I’ve missed off my list?


2 thoughts on “Get set, NaNoWriMooooo

  1. Good luck! I know a few people doing it this year. I was tempted but haven’t done any preparation yet so don’t think I’d make the most of it. But my novel that’s on submission to publishers started as a NaNo novel so you never know what can happen…!

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