Brain freeze, gingerbread houses and a good 2013

db682-icecreamLast week, I won the Yellow Room Flash Fiction Competition for ‘Brain Freeze’. Hell yeah! I took a picture of my face when I found out, but I am NOT posting it. It’s terrifying – all teeth, manic eyes and no make-up. So you have been spared!

It was my first competition win. Ever. And it was the best end to my year I could have asked for. I had entered two stories into the competition to take advantage of the discount, but it was an afterthought. I’d forgotten I’d entered the story Brain Freeze. So much so, that when I saw it short listed beside my other story Black Soles, I actually thought someone else had entered a story with the same name. I thought: ‘what were the chances’? Then, slowly, I remembered. DUH!

Dan Purdue was hot on it – sending me a tweet to let me know I’d won (thanks Dan!). I thought about celebrating with an ice-cream. But it was far too windy and cold. So I stuck to building a gingerbread housegingerbread house with friends and drinking Cava. I rode the high for a good few days before being smacked down by The Fault in our Stars by John Green. (What was I thinking reading that before Christmas!?)

I’ve had a good run this autumn. The story had been long listed before that in a different competition, and I’ve had a few other stories long or shortlisted. I took it as a sign that my writing was going in the right direction. I had a series of goals listed for this year. One of them was to win a competition. And I knew the chances were slim. Out of my control. So I am mega-chuffed that I can tick it off, along with a new novel to edit in the new year and some published stories. It’s been a good year. So I’m bracing myself for a not-so-good year in 2014.  I know how this stuff goes. But I don’t mind as long as I feel I am going forward.

Here’s to next year. I plan to accomplish a few more goals – some more camping trips, a new project, new novel, and sorting out my front garden and maybe even our roof.

Merry Christmas everyone!


2 thoughts on “Brain freeze, gingerbread houses and a good 2013

  1. Hooray! A good 2013 doesn’t mean a bad 2014! It might mean an even better 2014.

    I just read The Fault in Our Stars too. I really liked it but did also cry.

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