You got a problem with my pretty prose?

amsterdamWhen I went to Amsterdam, I saw this pretty awesome quote in the Rijksmuseum alongside a beautiful painting, which sums up so many things I want to say about writing:

Educated people today quite often feel a bit queasy at the idea that art can be sweet and lovely. Isn’t this a denial of all that is wrong with the world? Shouldn’t art be about more weighty and worthy matters? [….] A taste for pretty art isn’t a denial of the troubles of the world; it shows a wise awareness of the extent of suffering and concern for bolstering oneself against despair.

It’s so easy to write with no glimmer of hope or happiness, or to write stories that are dark because that’s what we think people are interested in, or that’s how we perceive “real life”. And yes, sometime it is. But sometimes its beautiful. I often have to remind myself that I need to write about the beautiful, just as much as I write about the fascinating cracks in the make up of a human being. We need beauty in art to salve ourselves when the cracks in our nature seem more like caverns, and when the world seems so dark that we thirst for light.

So today, I dare you to make or do something beautiful, pretty, inspiring… anything. Even if it’s just a pile of stones arranged in the shape of a heart left on the road for a stranger.

The world needs beauty.


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