Short Story Sunday and a slice of Moonquake

6831566115_e313b8a931_bIt’s seems that the stars have aligned, or should I say the moon in this case. Following yesterday’s shortest lunar eclipse in a century (unfortunately not something we could see in England!), my flash fiction piece Moonquake has gone up online at Short Story Sunday.

Now, this story very much walks the line between reality and myth – dreaming and awake. It’s from a male POV, and the story started like so many of mine do – with the very first line.

So here’s it is:

I’m a missing person. Not that you’ll find me on any milk carton or across any headlines. No, I’m the reverse: all body and no spirit.

You can read the rest of it here.


2 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday and a slice of Moonquake

  1. That is so beautiful! Love the opening paragraph and the line about being able to see the moon in her. Gorgeous writing.

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