What spring brings

IMG_20160427_202824I’m hitting rewind for a moment to catch up on what’s happened so far this year…

It’s been an intense couple of months, like Life in Concentrate. I’m still in shock at the lack of activity in my Whatsapp since the end of the Bristol Mayoral Campaign. After months of social media campaigning and memes, I’m beyond thrilled (relieved) that it all paid off and we now have Marvin Rees, a Labour Mayor, in Bristol!  I had just climbed Snowdon when a flurry of messages came in (not sure where the signal broke through). An apt metaphor for the challenge.

And I am glad to have had some head space, for better or for worse. I’m chuffed to have had a story published in Firewords issue six this month, called ‘In a small pond’, for their secrets theme. They’re a fab magazine, and have been on my list for a while. You should buy their stuff. Also, my story ‘The Sandman’ was recorded by Carried in Waves, read by a man whose voice steals the show! If you prefer to read it, I’ve popped it up here on the blog.

There’s some great stuff coming up too! Bristol will be celebrating the fifth year of National Flash Fiction Day with a bunch of events on the 25th June:

  1. Flash walk (Submissions needed – get your work read by actors)
  2. Flash Fiction workshop with Alison Powell and Ken Elkes.
  3. An evening of Flash Tales where I’ll be reading ‘We can be meteors’ with so many amazing people. Be there!

Thanks to Art Council funding, all the events are free! It should be a great day. Can’t wait.

I’ve also got an exciting new project that I’m working on. Once details have been finalised, I’ll let you know more…

Thanks chaps!


One thought on “What spring brings

  1. Congratulations on your recent successes, Freya. I thought you’d been published in the previous edition of Firewords, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I bought issue 6 and found In A Small Pond inside. Lovely story, and great artwork too.

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