This is (not about) David Bowie
by FJ Morris

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Every day we dress up in other people’s expectations. We button on opinions of who we should be, we instagram impossible ideals, tweet to follow, and comment to judge.

But what if we could just let it all go? What if we took off our capes and halos, threw away our uniforms, let go of the future. What if we became who we were always supposed to be? This is (not about) David Bowie. It’s about you.

This Is (Not About) David Bowie is the debut flash fiction collection from F.J. Morris. Surreal, strange and beautiful it shines a light on the modern day from the view of the outsider. From lost souls, to missing sisters, and dying lovers to superheroes, it shows what it really is to be human in a world that’s always expecting you to be something else.

This collection has been inspired by the music and art of David Bowie.


Freya Morris has a unique voice that is strong and daring. This collection of stories, poetry and miniature dramas is bright with brilliance – exciting, poignant, surreal, simultaneously other-worldly and utterly grounded. You find yourself instantly immersed in the crazy, startling, off-centre, sci-fi-esque world of Morris’s outsiders and lost souls; characters who, like Bowie himself, are striving to find their identity, and often trying to be superhuman. 

Amanda Huggins, award-winning author of Scratched enamel heart

In This is (not about) David Bowie, FJ Morris gifts us with a five-part collection of poetry and prose and plays and hybrid works written with daring and verve and a voice that leaps off the page.

This book is as inimitable and immersive as Bowie himself, who so wisely said, “The truth is of course is there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” Read this collection, then everything you can find by this exciting author

Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018

Morris poetically shines a spotlight on modern life, boldly embracing different forms where lesser authors can barely manage a beginning, middle and end.

A wonderful book, as imaginative as the Jean Genie himself.

Erinna Mettler, Author of Starlings