Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2022

This week, we announced the winners of the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2022. You can read their wonderful stories below. As Director of the Prize, I cannot thank everyone enough for their hard work. From the readers and our critique team to the judges, the Prize is growing fast and I’m incredibly proud of it.

There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and one day I might talk more about what that entails. Setting up a Community Interest Company, in a pandemic, wasn’t a small thing, and I haven’t had much time to talk about it when I’ve been in the middle of doing it.

But soon, we will be releasing an anthology of last year’s long-listed entrants, and I cannot wait for you to read them. There’s a whole range of talent and stories, and I’m thrilled to be able to put their stories into your hands! You won’t be able to stop talking about them.

And in the meantime, you can get started on your next entry to us! The doors open on 1 June, and close on the 31 August. Add the deadline to your calendar so you don’t forget.

Published by FJ Morris

Author & Director of Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. West Country bumpkin who can't kill anything but characters. Loves to grow big stories and big plants. Always looking for omens and four leaf clovers.

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