Order ‘This is (not about) David Bowie’ today

£2.99 on kindle or ebook £6.99 paperback Every day we dress up in other people’s expectations.We button on opinions of who we should be, we instagram impossible ideals, tweet to follow, and comment to judge.But what if we could just let it all go? What if we took off our capes and halos, threw awayContinue reading “Order ‘This is (not about) David Bowie’ today”

Saboteur Awards 2019

‘This is (not about) David Bowie’ got a special mention in the 2019 Saboteur Awards for best short story collection. Retreat West Books has been shortlisted too in the Most Innovative Publisher category for the 2019 Saboteur Awards! Winners are decided by public vote so please cast your votes! http://sabotagereviews.com/2019/04/15/saboteur-awards-2019-shortlists/ After over 4,000 people castContinue reading “Saboteur Awards 2019”

Book bombing for Bowie’s Birthday

Happy Bowie Birthday! I’ve been book bombin’ Bristol today to celebrate the day that brought us Bowie. I left little presents with my book around in different spots. I know that one has been found and would love to hear if one found you. I wanted to use black balloons because there is a storyContinue reading “Book bombing for Bowie’s Birthday”