The write rules

Futures section / Nature volume 488 / page 550 / 23 August 2012

Nari stared at the brass knob. She had already tried to open the wooden door by flicking her head to one side, but it didn’t work. She went through troubleshooting but found nothing; according to the system, the door wasn’t there. She’d heard about lost doors: forgotten, not converted, hiding some unknown treasure. A smile filled her cheeks. Grasping the cold handle, she rattled and pushed against it until the door finally opened. The room inside glowed. Not the fluorescent white she was used to, but a dull, dim brown-yellow, filled with shadows. A familiar but forgotten smell submerged her, reminiscent of a damp cave.

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Published by FJ Morris

Author & Director of Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. West Country bumpkin who can't kill anything but characters. Loves to grow big stories and big plants. Always looking for omens and four leaf clovers.

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