38032744_1757028271046537_4265174203084308480_n“The second signing for Retreat West Books is FJ Morris for her flash collection, This Is (Not About) David Bowie, which will be published in November 2018.

It’s a fantastic collection of stories that is filled with dreams, hopes and ambitions, as well as a sense of needing to find your way, and yourself, in the world. When submitting it FJ Morris said that she hoped the collection reflects Bowie’s experimental nature and artistry through a diverse range of voices, styles and experiences. I can confirm that it definitely does and I’m looking forward to sharing all of these stories with you.”

Published by FJ Morris

Author & Director of Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. West Country bumpkin who can't kill anything but characters. Loves to grow big stories and big plants. Always looking for omens and four leaf clovers.

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