dad says fists speak louder than words @ Ellipsis zine

fuck em up he said, and they wont touch u. theyll leave you well alone. them were his rules. fists speak louder than words. he went everywhere wiv fists of action like bombs ready to go off. he wudnt let me hold his hand when i fell over, when i needed someone to hold onContinue reading “dad says fists speak louder than words @ Ellipsis zine”

A Bridelope @ Former Cactus

Nobody saw Priya fly away. The wind had upturned the garden wedding like a snow globe. It blew fascinators sideways and pulled hats into kites. It blew open purple dresses like broken umbrellas and snapped tablecloths up into the trees. Everything had to be pinned down, weighted and kept close. But nobody had thought toContinue reading “A Bridelope @ Former Cactus”