A Bridelope @ Former Cactus

Nobody saw Priya fly away. The wind had upturned the garden wedding like a snow globe. It blew fascinators sideways and pulled hats into kites. It blew open purple dresses like broken umbrellas and snapped tablecloths up into the trees. Everything had to be pinned down, weighted and kept close. But nobody had thought toContinue reading “A Bridelope @ Former Cactus”

When you said nothing @ Stories for homes anthology

You asked me: Where you from? And I told you but you asked again: No, where are you from-from? I was more puzzle than man at that point, because I don’t always remember that I’m black any more than I remember I have feet. Your parents, what about them? Same place, I said, and thenContinue reading “When you said nothing @ Stories for homes anthology”

Two-timer – 3rd Prize

Two-Timer; won third place in the Fiction Desk Flash Fiction Competition 2015 Two-timer I’m getting out today. I’ve made it through the programme and into the record books: the first man to have served Idaho’s new 80-year life sentence in nine. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be remembered for this. But I’mContinue reading “Two-timer – 3rd Prize”