This is (not about) David Bowie – collection

Due out 10 November 2018 The second signing for Retreat West Books is FJ Morris for her flash collection, This Is (Not About) David Bowie, which will be published in November 2018. “It’s a fantastic collection of stories that is filled with dreams, hopes and ambitions, as well as a sense of needing to findContinue reading “This is (not about) David Bowie – collection”

When you said nothing @ Stories for homes anthology

You asked me: Where you from? And I told you but you asked again: No, where are you from-from? I was more puzzle than man at that point, because I don’t always remember that I’m black any more than I remember I have feet. Your parents, what about them? Same place, I said, and thenContinue reading “When you said nothing @ Stories for homes anthology”

In a small pond @ Firewords

Issue 6 // Secrets His gills gave him away – he could barely breathe in the office. Between ten and twelve each day, when the sun was just right, I saw him in the reflection on my screen. He was a ghost on my desktop, faded, with emails from clients running through him. He hunchedContinue reading “In a small pond @ Firewords”

Swings and rocket ships @ Bare Fiction

Issue 8 // 2016 They call me Grace from space. Mum says my head is somewhere between Neptune and Pluto, like the cartoon dog. My sister loved dogs. We used to sit on swings and jet off into space. We’d push out our legs and snap them back, launching into the sky. On the up,Continue reading “Swings and rocket ships @ Bare Fiction”

Two-timer – 3rd Prize

Two-Timer; won third place in the Fiction Desk Flash Fiction Competition 2015 Two-timer I’m getting out today. I’ve made it through the programme and into the record books: the first man to have served Idaho’s new 80-year life sentence in nine. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be remembered for this. But I’mContinue reading “Two-timer – 3rd Prize”